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  • The Direct Air Dryer or DAD system may be used in a variety of drying situations. As every drying job is different the following is a general guide. Used properly, the DAD system should accelerate drying times, give greater drying control and better air delivery to affected areas. 


  • The DAD mat with holes on one side only is used over a surface that has been wetted by flooding or the surface of a carpet after hot water extraction cleaning. The DAD mat is placed over the affected area and inflated. A small gap should be left around the perimeter of the DAD mat so that the moist air can escape. 


  • The DAD mat with holes on both sides has been designed to be placed between two surfaces i.e. in a floor void or between a floor and a wet carpet. This will dry both surfaces at once. Again, leave a small gap around the perimeter for the moist air to escape. 


  • DAD mat Inflation. The correct pressure is between 8 and 12 mm water gauge (0.3 – 0.5 inches). A simple water gauge can be made from a length of transparent tubing into which a small quantity of water ( 75mm or 3 inches) has been inserted. Bend the tube into a U shape with the water at the lowest point and insert one end of the tube into the inflated mat. The water gauge pressure is the distance between the highest and lowest points of the water in the U tube. 


  • Two or more DAD mats may be linked together using the special connecting collars and additional air movers added as required – be careful not to over-inflate the DAD mats. 


  • DAD mats come in various sizes. 


  • If the DAD mat that you are using is too large for the work in hand the size may be reduced either by rolling the DAD mat up from one of the edges or folding back (before it is inflated) then clamping with a strong spring clamp. These can usually be purchased at any good DIY store. Once the DAD mat is reduced in size it can then be inflated. 


  • If you find the pressure inside the DAD mat is too much, reduce this by opening one of the velcro edges until the right pressure is achieved. 


  • The DAD mat can be used to dry floors, walls or ceilings. It can be suspended from an A-frame so that a carpet is draped over it and then dried, or hung on a ceiling or wall using the eyelets around the edges of the DAD mat. 


  • One of the latest additions to the DAD family is the octopus. This piece of equipment may be useful in drying places that are awkward to get to such as between floor joists or under kitchen units. 


  • Do not leave the DAD mats over an affected surface for any length of time without being inflated or mould growth may occur. If this does happen a suitable fungicidal wash should be used to clean the mats. 


  • The DAD mats can be cleaned with warm soapy water and should be completely dry before putting back into storage. The interior and exterior of the DAD mats may be dried by inflating with an air mover until dry. 


  • Children should not be allowed to play on or under the DAD mats and the DAD mats should not be placed over the face. 


  • Special advice may be obtained by e-mailing Direct Air Dryers Ltd at david@dadltd.co.uk
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