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The DAD system works by delivering carefully controlled air circulation directly to the damp surfaces. ​

The air is distributed evenly within the DAD mat by a system of webs and apertures to ensure even drying. The air exits through specially sized holes on the drying side ensuring local turbulence and maximum drying effect.

Air is provided from a conventional air mover that has been modified by adding an air mover band. This band clips directly into the DAD mat to provide a robust and flexible seal.

Double-sided versions of the DAD mats are available to dry both hard surfaces and soft surfaces. For example carpets and all forms of soft furnishings.

DAD mats can be joined using simple flexible connectors almost anywhere along their edges.  Shapes to match any drying requirement can be made in this way and air movers can be located outside the drying area by using an umbilical connector to move air into the mat.