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The DAD sytem is a comprehensive set of components that can be interconnected to suit a wide variety of configurations and applications. 
DAD mats are made from tough coated mesh PVC and are designed to stand up to harsh environments. 
Wall drying unit
Octopus Assembly
DAD Mat Example 3m x 1.5m
DAD Mat Example 3m x 1m

Air movers are connected directly to the mats using a special sealing band attached to the air mover. Air can be distributed from air movers outside the room using the umbilical connector.

Umbilical Connector 3m x 0.6m
Air Mover Connector Band
Mat Connector
Octopus Tentacle
Octopus Extension
Octopus Body
DAD Kits come in tough stackable boxes for easy transportation and storage.

The DAD mats are connected with connectors that can be placed anywhere on the edges so that almost any shaped room can be dried.

Areas with difficult access such as under floors and behind kitchen units can be accessed using the octopus assembly. The flexible octopus tentacles can be fed through narrow apertures to reach those difficult areas. Tentacles can be linked or extension links used to produce longer runs for larger areas or inaccessible places.