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Need a Rapid Drying Solution.... DAD has the Answer
British Damage Management Association - Corporate Member
Half the Drying Time…….Accelerated Drying

Because the mat concentrates the air where it is needed the drying effect is doubled.

The drying time for a saturated surface can be reduced to around a week from the two or three weeks that is typical.

The Patented Solution Dries Wet Surfaces up to Twice as Fast as Traditional Methods
Since it’s creation Direct Air Dryers Ltd has been offering the flood restoration and insurance industries a faster and better method of drying flood damaged properties reducing drying times by as much as 50% to that of conventional practices.

Now DAD has joined forces with DBK Technitherm to deliver the Drymatic range of drying solutions that dry even faster.

The use of heat for drying flooded properties is becoming standard practice and there can be no better way of directing that heat than putting it through a Drymatic bed.

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DAD Wall Drying System